terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2009

So, this is my tattoo (yup, that's a real one :D)
Amazingly beautiful, isn't it? haha
Well, music is my life, so there's NO WAY that I wouldn't love it :)

I made a new video today...Dogs, from Damien Rice. I just think this song is beautiful, specially the part he screams.
I really really hope you enjoy it. And please leave comments over here :)



Então, haha
minha tattoo!

Simplesmente porque eu sou apaixonada por ela.

Vídeo novo -> Damien Rice - Dogs ♥


Love is forever.

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vinicius_paixaum disse...

A foto ficou totalmente harmoniosa, daria fácil fácil para a capa de um cd....