sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009

First post of the year :D
So...I used to post here everyday last year, but I've never thought about posting in english and show this blog for youtube people, than my father had this amazing idea, and here I am.
I just wanna thanks for all my subscribers and people who comment on my videos, it's too special for me. And I'm sorry if I can't play all the sugestions of songs in my guitar, haha, but I swear that I'm trying. (If you have more sugestions for new videos, please tell me).
Today's video is Hands Clean from Alanis Morissette and I just love this song, it's so sweet and beautiful. Well, Alanis is amazing. (She is coming to Brazil and I can't go to the concert because it's too far. *tears*)
I won't write too much today, but I'll try to post here everyday, I promise. Please keep coming over here...I'll try to post videos here that doesn't even exist on YouTube, like bloopers or somethinng (haha, please don't make fun of me).
Sorry about my english, it isn't thaaaaaat good (yet :D)
Lots of love and music for yall


Now in portuguese.

Agora em português. HAHAHA
Bom, não tinha dito isso antes, mas resolvi a voltar a postar no blog, só que agora vou postar em inglês e em português, por causa do YouTube e tal.
Morri de saudade disso aqui, juro ♥
Enfim, enfim...primeiro post do ano e tal, junto com o primeiro vídeo também :)
Não tenho muito o que falar...e tempo...tenho menos ainda!


Apropósito, Feliz Ano Novo =D

" Uh, this could be a messy... "

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Hoover Rodrigues disse...

Oi Eloa. Td bem menina? Estou passando para deixar om OI, e dizer que ficou realmente sensacional o vídeo da Alanis - Hands Clean. É..dia 3 de fevereiro tem show dela em Sp hein!!! E aquela música do Zeca Baleiro que eu havia te dito pelo msn? Lembra? quando vai gravar? beijo. Hoover. (msn:

Peter disse...

Hey, what's up
I've been watching to your videos, and your playing really kick ass.
I love it,and also great voice

Hahaha, Do you have any Myspace or MSN?

Mine is
Greetings From Mexico!!!!!